Thursday, 4 January 2018

The dark house

The dark house 1

In the dark house, pale faces crowd at the windows, white eyed, gashes where their mouths should be.

In the hallway the whispers of withered souls grow louder, forming one voice from the legion of many. A whirring hum, a drone, vibrates the floors and walls and ceilings, barely audible but enough to disturb your equilibrium.

“We are all here together,” the whisper hisses.

Unknown to you, there is no longer anything outside. The abandoned house, with its cracked and cobwebbed windows, spins through the neverness of an infinite black space, alone.

And inside. The rooms glow softly until at last you can see the phantasms of the house and its decaying, murder-red walls close in. The nauseous rot creates an imbalance in your psyche and you fly over the edge of madness.

Welcome to the dark house.

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