Saturday, 10 February 2018

The dark house 3

The dark house 3

“Bloody hell, it’s dark,” Joe murmured.

The intruders stood perfectly still in the hallway of the dark house, listening to the whispers of the old withered souls coming to life to brush past them.

“No–no–no, I’m not staying here,” Joe said flatly and turned to face the front door.
“The fucking door! It’s gone!” he shrieked.

The whispers grew louder, joining to form one voice. Finally, it was between them, at their shoulders, up close in their ears. Cold breath rushed inside their heads, drawing Joe and Des further apart from reality.

They fumbled for each other’s hands in the dark and held on tightly as the spectres of the dark house ushered the boys forward. And as the pair flew over the edge of madness together, their pneuma shot from their bodies.

Welcome to the dark house.

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