Saturday, 27 January 2018

The dark house 2

The dark house 2

They left their friend’s cherry farm some time in the middle of the afternoon and followed the quiet back roads up into the hills behind. Within an hour the sunny hot day turned foul as broiling black clouds rolled across the skies so fast that it took the city boys by surprise.

Joe and Des were caught in a sudden, violent electrical storm that whipped through the deserted country backblocks like nature gone mad.

The dark house was their salvation. Dripping wet and cowering from the wind, they ran onto the small porch at the front of the old place.

Neither noticed the faces that crowded at the windows, pale faces with white eyes and a gash where their mouths should have been.

Des shoved the front door open with his shoulder. The house sighed as they stepped over the threshold and the door closed behind them with the finality of a mausoleum slab.

Welcome to the dark house.

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